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WEB 3 – There will be plenty of room for creation

NFT, metaverse, blockchain … These words are omnipresent in the debates over the future of culture in the digital world. What if this new world could become an opportunity to create more value? Web1 was the original Internet, the one that offered sites that could only be looked at passively. Web2 is social. It allows […]

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Protecting culture in Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is also synonymous with the destruction of cultural heritage: many cultural institutions have been forced to close their doors, while others are destroyed or damaged by the war. Every day, artists flee their country, and culture is dying. Faced with this situation, not seen in Europe for decades, the world of culture is organising and mobilising to defend the freedom to create, the freedom of a nation.

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A prize for music at the Cannes Festival? Maybe one day…

Though rarely mentioned at the beginning of the credits, the composer is indeed a co-author of any cinematographic work, alongside the director and the scriptwriter — not just by virtue of intellectual property law, but above all because of his or her artistic contribution. The original musical creation contributes to the very identity of any film. The composer tells a story without being seen, and writes without being read.

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Members' Voices

Andrew Pearce – Composer

How did you fall in love with music? I was always fascinated about how music was written down for people to play, so I began reading musical scores for bands and orchestra from probably 12 years old. I then began writing things down in a score and had fellow students play it for me at school or […]

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Fabrice Aboulker – Composer

The French composer Fabrice Aboulker navigates between several repertoires, or styles of music. From animated series (Martin Mystère, Maya the bee, Anatole Latuile, Pj Masks, …) to film scores (Mariages!, Je te Promets, Box 27, Arletty, une Passion Coupable, …) to musicals (Ali Baba, Excalibur, The Red Shoes, etc.) and chanson française, where he has […]

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