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Le Regard Sacem is a space where committed people share pointed commentary. Its objective is to promote Sacem’s main messages and convictions, but also to give a voice to authors, composers and music publishers, while offering them articles about issues close to their needs and concerns. Because Sacem is a collective and committed society, this editorialised news feed will be continuously updated… Follow it and do not hesitate to share with your friends!

The three sections on “Regard Sacem”:

Unpacking the news: Here we decipher the news and add points of view on the issues that concern authors, composers, publishers, and more generally the actors of artistic and cultural creation.

Members’ voices: In text, video or podcast, Sacem’s creators and publishers reveal a wide variety of points of view as they describe their visions on their profession, on their commitment, their careers, or even Sacem itself.

Sacem & You: These thematic guides will take you step by step through the services Sacem offers. Here you’ll find collections of links so you can access the right service at the right time.