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Yannick Matray, publisher (InFiné)

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Yannick Matray is chief executive of InFiné, a publisher and record label.  At first, InFiné produced electronic and neo-classical music. But over time, the catalogue has opened up to other musical repertoires, including more pop, in 2022. From the beginning, the publishers and the label worked with French and foreign artists. Today we are proud to say that half of our artists are of foreign origin or live abroad. Internationalisation is an obvious choice for us, and export is an economic necessity. In 2021, 70% of our digital revenues will come from streams outside of France.

How would you describe your profession in a few words?

My job is to help guide the development of an artist’s career in terms of musical creation, desires and aspirations as well as strategy. We are both a label and a publisher, and as far as possible we sign our artists to these two professions. From the beginning, we have recruited people specialised in editorial management as well as matching artists’ images to their music.

Why is Sacem essential for you?

It is the society that defends and represents us. It is one of the first in the history of authors’ rights and one of the best in terms of defending our rights. Sacem is an obvious choice for us. We have always had cordial and professional relations with all its departments.

How has Sacem been helpful to your publishing company?

Every time we have asked for editorial development assistance to help an artist, we have always been listened to and supported. This is essential for us and the financial support has a real impact on our work. This support has allowed us to offer writing residencies to our authors or in collaboration with authors from other publishing houses.

How has Sacem surprised you since 2021?

It reacted quickly to help with the decrease of the artists’ income. As a for-profit business, we made the choice to continue our phono and synchro activities, and thus maintain our activity as much as possible. Sacem has also been good about providing our artists with moral support. For most of the artists, the absence of concerts had a very big impact on their royalties. We relayed all the information on the Sacem aid to our artists.

What services did Sacem provide to you in 2021?

Among our artists, those who live abroad are sometimes already members of local authors’ societies. We suggest that they join Sacem for France or even Europe. If they are not members of any society, we convince them to join Sacem. All new memberships are now done online, which is a real simplification, especially for artists who live abroad.

How would you sum up Sacem in three words?

Defending rights and supporting authors and publishers. On current and future issues related to digital, we trust Sacem, our common future depends on it.

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